Why API monitoring is needed

API monitoring ensures that mission-critical APIs are both available and performing correctly.

It is important to monitor your own APIs that you provide as well as external third-party APIs that are used by your organization.  Failing or poorly performing APIs can impact vital customer-facing apps or websites as well as internal back-end applications that your company relies upon.

Be proactive with your API monitoring strategy so you can catch problems as soon as they occur.  Frequent monitoring can provide a window into potential performance problems that could be developing below the radar but haven’t yet caused a full-blown outage.


What sets Global NetWatch API monitoring apart

  • Global NetWatch provides both availability and performance monitoring for APIs.
  • The API monitoring provided by Global NetWatch supports both GET and POST requests so that you can fully test all aspects of an API.
  • Global NetWatch will validate the response data being returned by an API. This is important to ensure that an API is performing as expected.
  • Global NetWatch provides a unique threshold system to ensure there are no false alerts.